Carving Winning Strategies for Horse Racing


Looking to escort a friend to the track over the weekend? Or maybe you’re just about to dive into horse race betting after reading our article on horse race betting for beginners. Whichever the case is, you need a backing strategy for guided wagering. And speaking of which we show you how to make use of your bookmaker’s program to carve an original strategy for yourself. A bit about what a program is first.


Horse Racing Program

A program is simply a record that holds in detail every bit of information about the racing horses. A program is usually sophisticated with metrics and analysis sprinkled over the screen and that makes it overwhelming and difficult to make use of. Lucky for you, there’s a portion of the program that puts everything you need to make your strategy together in a simple form. We have highlighted each of these parts below and explained how you can make use of each.


  • Class; on the program’s part labeled “class”, how far each of the horses has moved up or down the class is shown. The class here simply means the toughness of a past race. A horse that has badged a consistent 3rd or 4th place in several tight matches is likely to beat a pack of local champions to the dust this week. When deciding upon your betting horse, you want to compare its present class with that of its competing peers of the present race.
  • Handlers; under this portion of the program, the 3 people group in charge of each horse are written upon. These 3 people include; the Jockey, the owner, and the trainer. The Jockey is the horse rider, the trainer trains the horse before races, and the owner of the horse is the man in charge of the horse’s well-being. The good rule of thumb is, a good horse is trained by an experienced trainer. It receives the best care from a wealthy owner, and it wins races if a skilled Jockey rides it. Pick your horse based on that. But you’ll need to have a spine for making the needed researches.
  • Workout time; horses receive days or weeks of pre-race training. Mostly, these pieces of training strengthen the horse. But in such a case where a horse is worked-out rigorously close to the D-day, it may underperform even after looking promising during the work-outs. It’s tricky to decide the performance of a horse based on its workout time though. But what seasoned horse bettors count on is, how the horse speed increases through each lap of workout.
  • Distance; in the distance section, the program stretches out the past performance of the competing horses based on the distance covered. Using this information is simple. If a horse has shown great performance on short lapses, it is ideal to back bet such horse on a short distance race.
  • Past Betting Odds; on this part of the program, the numbers of bets a horse has received so far is indicated. For a beginner who doesn’t want to do the research and analysis work, here is a great tool for you. Simply bet on a horse that has received the most attention so far and you could be making your first profit from the track.


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